Beginning with Discortics™ !!

Mar 16, 2022


After searching for much, testing lots and lots of bots, trying to understand how they work, and getting tired of hoarding them just for a single function or a limited option.

Finally, you have found that bot...Called Discortics™ you can invite it by visiting the web site
And by logging with your discord account, allow the bot to join your server.

Note: If inviting from Dashboard you have the option to grant administrative permissions or just limited permissions. Highly recommended the admin perms for efficiency.

Also, you can find it on several bots sites as example:

I have invited, now what?

Things are quite simple.

First, just enable permissions. Is recommended, however, is optional to give administration so it can work efficiently in all aspects. (as mentioned before)

Also, have in mind that is a multipurpose and administrative bot and surely you will want to use each of the features Discortics™ has.

Secondly, place the bot in the correct hierarchy. Putting its role above all the roles with exception of yours.


You can read the related documentation written by Phantom Baha .

Hierarchy Issue | Fix The Issue!
The Bot doesn’t work like usual? Reacts with ❌ everytime you try to setup something or can’t take actions against someone? If you want to use a command, but an error pops up. The IssueThe Bot Reacts with ❌ while setting up Auto-Roles, XP roles and Selection Roles. This issue is called

Then create a TEST channel where only you can be.

Let the bot be there. Most of the configuration is done by easy commands, but in future days, you will be able to use the dashboard too.
slash commands are under development

So run


Change bot's prefix (optional)

;prefix set [new prefix]

Test the bot at your heart content.

If you want to, you can set security for your server


You can read the document written by Joshua | Rem Chan

Verification System | Securing your Discord Server
Secure your server from alts and raiders. Enforce a verification system and we provide three modes: basic, captcha & advanced!

You can continue with autopilot feature
Set auto-moderation so the bot can take care of your server while you are sleeping.
Antiflood, Antilink, Antiraid, Antispam, Antimention, Profanity and Selfbot)

Auto Pilot
Discortics has a vast number of features, as you may have noticed and we’ve not forgotten about the most important.

Set manual moderation permits to your moderation team, without giving whole control of your server with
;permission allow/deny/view [user/role/role id][commmand]

Set where the commands can be executed by running
;command [enable/view/disable [command/category/"all"] (channel/"server")

Set the mute role
;mute-role create If you do not have a mute role already.
:mute-role set [role] passed role as the muted role.

Is recommended to assign a mute-role for each bot if you plan to have other bots as moderators, this in order to prevent confusion or future configurations.

For "mute" to work discortics's role should be in the top of the list with exception of the owner while mute role should be below all the role that it will mute.
Also, each role permission to send messages should be in "/" on discord's server settings.

Then enable and create welcome message
;welcome message

Welcome Messages | Warmly welcome your new members
Welcome messages are the beginning of bot configuration. They will warmly welcome your new server members with cool message. Let’s introduce you to configuration steps. Setting up welcome channel To setup channel where welcome messages will be sent, use welcome [channel] command, where [channel] i…

After enable and create the leveling system. This can be done by command ;xp or dashboard

Level system | Reward your users for their activity
This blog is related to Levels and XP commands in your Server

Create selection roles with

Create Reaction Roles using New Discord Feature Selection Menus.

Create a server economy, by assigning a channel to run economy commands in the same place you can have the server shop, where your member will be able to buy the items you place in.
More information over server shops in Server Shop Document

Create notifications (if you have interesting channels to show up Twitch, Twitter,Reddit
This feature is currently under development

Are you still without staff? No problem we got applications for you. You can make 3 on public bot and 7 on our prime version and more on premium version. So run

A simple and more than Sufficient Guide to setup Notification system in your server using Discortics
Application system | Improve your staff applications
Normal staff applications are boring and you want to find new ways to improve them? Well, this is the moment, when Discortics™️ comes to help you, with Discortics™️ Applications System. Maybe, I will start by telling more about it. Discortics™️ Applications System is a system, where you can add ope…

If you gonna have giveaways create a channel for that purpose.
;gdrop or ;gconfig

If you gonna have a support ticket
;tsetup create

Introduction To Discortics Giveaways
Making giveaways has never been more customizable or easier than Discortics giveaways, with Discortics you can customize many aspects of the bots giveaways!
This blog is to help you setup Ticket system in your server using Discortics

Note: Additionally you can enable Family, Confession, Suggestion, starboard and application (for
staff), Discovery. Finally create tags.

This blog is to help you configure Suggestion system in your server using Discortics
Making Tags
Wanna make some super cool tags? Discortics Support 5 different Actions for Tags message, react, add, remove and run and at most 3 Actions in a Single Tag :D Creating a Tag ;tag create TAG_NAME After executing the above command you will see some Variables.The embed with Variables

And the list keeps going!
Thank you so much for reading and choosing Discortics™!!

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