Aug 21, 2021

Facts about Selection Roles :-

  • Free : 3 Selection Menus (upto 4 Role Options in Each)
  • Prime : 10 Selection Menus (upto 15 Role Options in Each)
  • Premium : 25 Selection Menus (upto 25 Role Options in Each)


To setup Selection Menu Use ;sr-create.

  1. Menu Channel
  1. Menu Embed
  1. Menu Role Requirement
  1. Menu Roles


  1. If Bot reacts Cross Emote, Check if Discortics Role is Above All these Roles.
  2. After Completion of adding roles type -done To end the Setup
  1. Minimum Roles
  1. Maximum Roles


Do not set same selection menu(roles) inside requirements set. (roles)

How to Delete Selection Role Menus

If you want to Delete Selection menus Follow the Procedure Given below:-

  1. Use ;sr-list Command to Get the message link of the selection Menus.Screenshot-2021-08-21-134403
  1. With The help of Message link of Selection Menus Delete The menu using Command ;sr-delete <message link>.Screenshot-2021-08-21-134929

Note: You should Delete that message manually after Completion of Deleting The Menu from Bot.


“No one is useless in this world who lightens the burdens of another.”

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