Getting Started Jul 25, 2021


Setup Suggestion Channel

To setup the Suggestion Channel use ;suggestion [channel] where the mentioned channel as the new Suggestion Channel.

Setup Suggestion Logging Channels

To setup Suggestion Logs Channels use commands:-

  1. ;suggestion accepted [channel] for accepted suggestions.
  2. ;suggestion denied [channel] for denied suggestions.

How to accept / deny Suggestions.

If you want to accept a particular suggestion use ;suggestion accept [Message Link / Message ID] [Reason].

If you want to deny a particular suggestion use ;suggestion deny [Message Link / Message ID] [Reason].

How to change Suggestion Status

To change the Status of the Suggestion use ;suggestion status [Message link / Message ID ] (RED/YELLOW/GREEN) [New status].

How to Ban / Unban Users from sending Suggestions

If your members try to misuse the suggestions you can ban them,
from sending suggestions by using ;suggestion ban [user].

If you want to unban members you can use ;suggestion unban [user]

Remember : You can use Either Mention, use ID or enter the username.

Other Suggestion Commands

  1. If you want to Toggle statistics in Suggestion replies You can use ;suggestion stats.
  2. If you want to Toggle DM trigger for suggestion status change You can use ;suggestion DM
  3. If you want to Toggle suggestions to react only You can use suggestion reactonly

Remember : If you want to Disable these you can retype the command once again.

Have a Nice Day :D



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