Autopilot Dec 11, 2021
On this tutorial we use the default prefix but have in mind that you may have /can change it.

Our adored feature by mostly of our users! This one does prevent bots and users to post non stop with objective to provocke, discord bots to react and make your server be useless/closed...or simple annoy and make your hard work to gather lots of people go to the dump.Because generally when this happens, members run away.



Default: Disable
Recommended: Enabled

;antiraid config

The Available configurations are:

Global ban list

;antiraid global [Enable/disable]


If you want to read more about GBL read the blog below.

Credits to: Nicholas | discortics' staff
Global Ban List | Maintain a user-friendly environment.
Tired trying to keep your server safe from annoying lads? These botted accounts, they DM advertise scam links to your beloved members, they spam across your channels and their whole behavior is to ruin what you’ve built up so far. Wondering why Discord doesn’t take action/takes too long to

*Account age

This command will allow the bot to accept or deny the joining of too young accounts.

;antiraid acc-age [age]

Default: 7 days
Recommended: 7 days

No avatar

Toggles action on the account without an avatar

Default: Disabled
Recommended:* Enabled


;antiraid new-action [mute/kick/ban/none]

Choose the action to be taken on new/no-avatar accounts.

Other bots admission

;antiraid bots [all/verified/none]

This will allow the joining of the selected bots

Default: None
Recommended Verified


;antiraid panic [enable/disable]

Toggle panic mode. All users who join this period will be kicked with a note.
This mode can either be turned off or it can time out (Whichever is earlier).

Default: Disabled
Recommended: Is up to your own criteria

;antipanic panic-duration [duration]

Duration after which panic-mode should timeout


;antiraid invite-raid [enable/disable]

Toggles allowed invite-frequency to avoid raids.

default: disable
Recommended: Enabled

;antiraid invite [invite/duration]

Configure allowed invite-frequency

Default Disabled
Recommended: Enabled

;antiraid invitation-action [mute/kick/ban/none]

Choose the action to be taken on accounts that passed invite-frequency on a specific invite code.

default: None
Recommended: Up to your own criteria

;antiraid invite-delete [enable/disable]

Toggle deletion of invite-code which passed the allowed invite-frequency.

Default: Disabled
Recommended: Enabled


;antiraid ignore-admin [add/remove]

Manage users whitelisted to invite bots

Recommended: Is up to your own criteria

;antiraid ignore-alt [add/remore]

Manage ALTS (alternative accounts, mules) permitted into the server.

Recommended: Is up to your own criteria

;antiraid ignore-admin [add/remove]

Manage users whitelisted to invite bots

Recommended: Is up to your own criteria

Example on how the configuration will see

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