Autopilot Dec 11, 2021
On this tutorial is being used the default prefix, but have in mind the you may have / can change it.

This is the feature to prevent bots and members to join your server and make havoc with wall post of any kind. Being this mention, links or simply text.



Default: disabled
Recommended: Enabled

If you want to enable it, proceed to allow it by running:

;antiflood enable

or simply tap/click over the bottom

We will keep running commands (because discortics commands are friendly and fun!) So let's mold it to your needs.

;antiflood config

The available configurations are:


This refers to the number of emojis allowed in a message.

;antiflood emote [new count]

*Range: 5-2000
*Default: 15
*Recommended: 15


The number of characters allowed in a message.

;antiflood character [new count]

*Range: 250-4000
*Default: 1500
Recommended: 750


The factor which decides a message is a flood or not. As the factor increases, detection intensity increases.

;antiflood factor [new factor]

Range: 1-10
Default: 4
Recommended: 4


The users will be ignored by the flood filter.

;antiflood ignored-users [add/remove] @user1 @user2 ...


The roles that will be ignored by the flood filter.

;antiflood ignored-roles [add/remove] @role1 @role2 ...


The channels that will be ignored by the flood filter.

;antiflood ignored-channels [add/remove] @channel1 @channel2 ...


If enabled, a warning will be issued when the bot detects a flood according to the configuration. If disabled, the user will not be warned, but still the mute will work.

Default: Disable
Recommended: Enable

;antiflood warn [enable/disable]


If enabled, the user will be muted when the warning count matches the configuration. If disabled, the user will not be muted.

antiflood mute [enable/disable]

Default: Disable
Recommended: Enable


The number of warnings that should result in a mute.

;antiflood mute-warns [# warns / time]

Number of warns/timeRange: 2s - 59m 59s
Example:10/15m means if a user gains 10 warns in a period of 15 minutes, he/she will be muted


Time duration for which the user should be muted. 0stands forever.

;antiflood mute-duration [time]

Example: 1d 4h 25m

Always after every command configuration bot will always show up an acceptance or denial message panel.

This is just an example of what you will be able to see at the end of the configuration

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