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Verification Jul 15, 2021

Tired trying to keep your server safe from annoying lads? These botted accounts, they DM advertise scam links to your beloved members, they spam across your channels and their whole behavior is to ruin what you've built up so far.

Wondering why Discord doesn't take action/takes too long to consider your reports? They have a lot to go through, verify before they take an action. But by then, the damage would be done. Therefore we've come up with a solution.

Introducing, GLOBAL BANS LIST, maintained by the original developers and administrators of Team Discortics.

Enabling Antiraid

Based on reports, we expand the list to ensure the safety of the servers who have trusted Discortics to protect their server, by enabling the Global Ban List.

Have you been raided and are you trying to stop these raiders from destroying other communities? Join our support server, reports these malicious accounts. Lets build a safer Discord together 🤝.

Wondering what else the anti-raid mode does? Here you go!



Joshua V

Dream. Design. Develop Hi I'm Joshua, Js/Py Programmer Web Developer UX/UI Aspirant Designer Certified Pentester

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