Making Tags

Settings Jul 6, 2021

Wanna make some super cool tags?

Discortics Support 5 different Actions for Tags
message, react, add, remove and run
and at most 3 Actions in a Single Tag :D

  1. Creating a Tag
    ;tag create TAG_NAME
    After executing the above command you will see some Variables.
The embed with Variables for Tags

message- Sends a message when the tag is executed
react- Reacts with an emoji to the Trigger Message
add- Adds a role when a tag is executed
remove- Removes a role when a Tag is Executed
run- Runs any pre-existing bot command

Let's set Action 1 to -
[message: Hi author::mention, What's Up]

  • Tag Restriction
    This allows you to restrict the tag being made to some Particular roles from Your Discord Server
  • Deleting the Trigger Message
    This basically means deleting the message which was the trigger for the tag

Once that is done the Tag is successfully Created

Examples of other Actions -
[react: 😎]
[add: @Verified]
[remove: @Unverified]
[run: ;bully author::mention]

2. Editing an existing tag
You can edit an existing tag to change the Actions of that Tag
;tag edit TAG_NAME [the TAG_NAME Should be pre existing]

The rest of the Process is Same as Making a New Tag.

3. Deleting a Tag
;tag remove TAG_NAME
This will remove the Tag

4. Viewing all the Tags
;tag view - Will show all the Existing Tags present in a server

Wanna see the Variables in Big text :D

Have a Nice Day :D


Joshua V

Dream. Design. Develop Hi I'm Joshua, Js/Py Programmer Web Developer UX/UI Aspirant Designer Certified Pentester

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