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Variables Jul 4, 2021

Here you will find all placeholders aka Variables for Tags, Welcome Messages and maybe smth else?

Variables for Tags

  • Message Variables -
    user::mention - Mention the user who was mentioned with the tag
    user::tag - Show the username of the mentioned user
    user::avatar - Mentioned User avatar image link
    server::name - Show the Server Name
    server::icon - Server icon url
    author::mention - Mention the Author who ran the command/tag
    author::tag - Show the username of the Author
    author::id - Display Author ID
    author::avatar - Author avatar url
    argument::0/1/2/3/4/... - The argument/match group number passed by using the tag

Variables for Welcome Messages

  • User variables
    [user:mention] - Mention the User
    [user:tag] - Show the tag of the User
    [user:creation] - Show the user account creation date (DD MM YYYY)
    [user:createdAgo] - Show how long ago the account was created
    [user:avatar] - User avatar image link

  • Server variables
    [server:name] - Show the Server Name
    [server:members] - Server Member Count
    [server:icon] - Server icon url
    [inviter:mention] - Mention the Inviter

  • Inviter variables
    [inviter:tag] - Show the tag of the Inviter
    [inviter:id] - Display Inviter ID
    [inviter:invites] - Show the number of Valid Invites by the Inviter
    [inviter:total] - Show the Total Invites by the Inviter
    [inviter:leaves] - Show Inviters left invites
    [inviter:fake] - Show the number of Fake Invites by the Inviter
    [inviter:code] - Show the code used to join
    [inviter:avatar] - Inviter avatar url

Embed Variables

  • Embed Variables -
    --title [Title] - Title of the Embed
    --color [embed color] - Embed color hex code
    --author-name [embed author name] - Name of the Embed Author(the person who ran the command)
    --author-icon [embed author icon url] - Icon url of the Embed author
    --description [embed description] - Embed description
    --thumbnail [image url] - Embed thumbnail url (top right)
    --image [image url] - Embed image url
    --timestamp - Include join time in the embed
    --footer-name [embed footer name] - Text inside the Footer of the Embed
    --footer-icon [embed footer icon url] - Icon url of the Embed footer

1.[] These are not required while using the embed Variables
2. Make sure the Image URL's end with .gif/.png/.jpg .. but not with v=1 or size=1024.
3. The Description Format will be same as you sent along with the Command

XP Message Variables

[user:mention] - Mention the User
[user:tag] - Show the tag of the User
[level] - Show Users New Level
[xp] - Show users current XP
[xp:nextlevel] - Show the xp required for the next Level

Have a good Day :D


Joshua V

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