Verification System | Securing your Discord Server

Settings Jul 25, 2021

Secure your server from alts and raiders. Enforce a verification system and we provide three modes: basic, captcha & advanced!

  • Discortics™ support Various Kind of Verification Methods
    • Basic Verification :In this Mode Users who try to join the Server will be Asked for a Password, the Password can be changed anytime by ;verify password [new-pass]. Default Password is amongus
    • Captcha Verification :Users need to Verify through Captcha either in their DMs or within the Server. It also protects the Server from Bots being added
    • Advanced Verification :Advanced Proxy/VPN user detection by redirecting the user to verify through our dashboard (Recommended).
  • Enabling Verification -
    ;verify enable - Takes you to a simple Verification Guide
    ;verify mode basic/captcha/advanced - Configure Which Verification Mode you want to Enable for your Server.
  • Setting up Logs for Verification
    ;verify log [Channel] - Sets a Logging Channel where the Result of all Verification should be sent

    Verification won't work until you setup a logging Channel
Setting up a Log Channel
  • Changing Password for Basic Verification
    You can easily change the Default Verification Password to anything you want using ;verify password [new password].
Changing the Password
  • Changing the Verification Medium
    You can Change whether your users should verify in their DMs or within the Server.
    ;verify medium DM/[Channel]

    Verifying within the server is a good Option

Changing the Verification Medium
  • Want to Delay Auto-Roles until users Verify?
    You can actually Delay Auto-roles being Granted to New Joiners until they Verify. You can do so by
    ;verify role enable/disable - Enabling it will delay the Auto-Roles.
  • Changing the Action and Duration of Verification
    You can Actually decide what happens to Users when they can't verify Successfully
    ;verify action [kick/ban/mute/none] (Kick is the Best Option :D)

    You can also Change the Duration under which a User needs to Verify
    ;verify duration [time]

Hope you have a Good Day :D


Joshua V

Dream. Design. Develop Hi I'm Joshua, Js/Py Programmer Web Developer UX/UI Aspirant Designer Certified Pentester

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