Level system | Reward your users for their activity

Sep 9, 2021

This blog is about setting up Level System in your Server

  1. Enabling/Disabling Levelling System
    • ;xp #Channel - Set the XP level Up message to a channel alongside Enabling it across the server.
    • ;xp Silent - Enabled Level System, but disables the Level Up messages in a Channel.
    • ;xp disable - Disable the level System in complete server.
Enabling/Disabling Level System
  1. Changing Level Up Message
    • ;xp message [New Message] - Changes the level Up message to your preffered choice
    • ;xp message - Shows the Current level UP message
Level Up Message

Variables for the XP Message
[user:mention] - Mention the User
[user:tag] - Show the tag of the User
[level] - Show Users New Level
[xp] - Show users current XP
[xp:nextlevel] - Show the xp required for the next Level

  1. Setting up XP Roles
    • ;xp roles - View the Current XP Roles.
    • ;xp roles add/remove - Adds or Removes XP roles
      XP Roles
  1. Server, Channel and Role XP rates
    • ;xp rate - Changes the XP gain rate across entire Server.
    • ;xp role-rate [add/remove] - Adds or Removes Diff XP role rates.
    • ;xp channel-rate [add/remove] - Adds or Removes Diff XP role rates.
  1. Ignoring and Unignoring Channels
    • ;xp ignore [Channels] - Ignore XP count in these Channels.
    • ;xp unignore [Channels] - UnIgnore XP count in these Channels
  1. Other XP related Commands
    • ;xp stack - Toggle Stacking of XP roles.
    • ;xp set [user] [level] - Set XP of a person to a certain Level.


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