Introduction To Discortics Giveaways

Aug 17, 2021

Making giveaways has never been more customizable or easier than Discortics giveaways, with Discortics you can customize many aspects of the bots giveaways!

How do I start a Giveaway?

If you want a video guide, check this video out:

If you want text instructions, just follow these simple steps:

This is done assuming you haven't changed the bots prefix ( you can check the current prefix by pinging the bot)

  • Start a giveaway prompt using ;gstart.
  • The first prompt you will receive is the name of what you are giving away.
  • The second prompt is the time the giveaway lasts, use this format: 2d3h5m
  • The third prompt is how many winners there will be for this giveaway.
  • The fourth prompt will ask you who is hosting the giveaway, if you put none it will set you as the host, if you put a users mention it will show that as the giveaway host, if you put a server link as the host it will suggest for users to join that server to participate in that giveaway.
  • The fifth prompt is the channel where you want the giveaway to be sent (Make sure the bot can post there before starting a giveaway).
  • The sixth prompt is for giveaway requirements/recommendations, if you say none it will start the giveaway with no requirements or special circumstances (unless you set defaults using ;gconfig)

And that's it!

Yuno Gasai

A dev that helps anyone in need, where possible.

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