Hierarchy Issue | Fix The Issue!

Fix The Issue Jul 5, 2021

The Bot doesn't work like usual?
Reacts with ❌ everytime you try to setup something or can't take actions against someone?

If you want to use a command, but an error pops up.

The Issue

The Bot Reacts with ❌ while setting up Auto-Roles, XP roles and Selection Roles.

This issue is called a Hierarchy Issue. It happens when the Bot cannot Manage a Discord Role like it cannot assign a role to someone when needed. To fix this, simply move the role for the bot higher.

Steps to Success

Firstly, check your role settings.

Role Settings

Next, check if the role @Discortics™ is lower than the roles you want to manage. If so, simply drag it higher.

Moving the @Discortics™ role up

And you are done.

The definition of hierarchy is like levels. The lower the level, the less they/it can do. Discord is like that. If a bot is lower in the hierarchy, it cannot manage anything above it.

Still Having an Error message?

Maybe try asking in our Support Server, we have lots of support staff and members who can help you! Or maybe try out some other articles here.

Have a good day, hope this helped! :D


Phantom Baha

Hello everyone! I am a discortics moderator, feel free to DM me if you need help or anything. My Discord Name: Phantom Baha#0001

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