Autopilot Dec 9, 2021

Discortics has a vast number of features, as you may have noticed and we've not forgotten about the most important.

Security for the server, while you are asleep.

So in short, is a conglomerate of preventive security tools, that works automatically according to your configuration and your server's needs.
We advise having them all, because you never know what´s there be in the next corner.

The conglomerate is composed by:

  1. Antiflood
    This is the feature to prevent bots and members to join your server and make havoc with wall posts of any kind. Being this mentions, links or simply text.

  2. Antilink
    This tool does help you to prevent posts with suspicious, NSFW, invites and shorten links.

  3. Antiraid
    Our adored feature by most of our users! This one does prevent bots and users to post non-stop with the objective to provoke, discord bots to react and make your server be useless/closed...or simply annoy and make your hard work to gather lots of people go to the dump. Because generally when this happens, members run away.

  4. Antispam
    Prevent several repetitive posts to be done.

  5. Antimention
    Do you have people addicted to mention severally just to annoy or do you have raiders mentioning all the users available or the scary/annoying “everyone”? This is your tool.

  6. Profanity
    It is said that smart people tend to be profane by nature, but some are not smart and do it to annoy or offend. Prevent high toxicity in your server with profanity.

  7. Self-Bot
    This tool helps you to detect those accounts that pretend to be users but in fact are bots with malicious intentions.

What to do before configuring them?

First of all:

  • check that your bot has all the permissions it does need to act.As this is a very important duty you need to give Administration. Read more at:
Permissions | Allow & Deny Roles Using Commands
If you want to allow a role/user to use a command, or want to disable a command for a role/user; this article will help you! Aliases perms, perm, permissions Usagepermission [allow/view/clear/deny] [role/user] [command/category] You can always look at the template by running ;permission

Discord advice about administration refers to people...So do not worry!

  • Look for the hierarchy of the bot, meaning, that the bot needs to be above the member roles and another bot. For more reference read:
Hierarchy Issue | Fix The Issue!
The Bot doesn’t work like usual? Reacts with ❌ everytime you try to setup something or can’t take actions against someone? If you want to use a command, but an error pops up. The IssueThe Bot Reacts with ❌ while setting up Auto-Roles, XP roles and Selection Roles. This issue is called

Do recommend creating a channel, where you can be alone, these configurations are serious business!

You can do it easily by using, friendly commands, recently have been added bottomnization to some parts, to make the configuration much easier.

You can expect more, in the coming times...

All set? Let's begin then!


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