Jul 25, 2021

This Blog is about setting up Ticket System in Your Server

  • Setting up Ticket System
    • ;tsetup create - Starts a setup guide for you to setup the Ticket System
    • ;tsetup enable/disable - Enable or Disable Ticket System
    • ;tsetup logging [Channel]/disable - Setup Logging Channel for Tickets or Disable it
    • ;tsetup desc [Channel] [new desc]/reset - Change the Ticket Panel Description
  • Adding or Removing Users from a Ticket
    • ;tadd [User] - Adding a User to the Ticket
    • ;tremove [User] - Removes a User from the Ticket
Adding and Removing Users from the Ticket

Other Ticket Commands

Command Usage Explanation
;tsend [Ticket] [Text] ;tsend #ticket-1 Hello Sends an Anonymous Reply in the Ticket
;tclaim ;tclaim Claim a Ticket
;tclose ;tclose Close the Current Ticket
;transcript ;transcript Generate a Transcript of the Current Ticket
;trename [New-Name] ;trename Solved Rename a Ticket
;tmove [Category] ;tmove Solved Move the Current Ticket to Another category

Happy Helping People :D

Joshua V

Dream. Design. Develop Hi I'm Joshua, Js/Py Programmer Web Developer UX/UI Aspirant Designer Certified Pentester

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