Dec 11, 2021

Simple but complicated one!
`So to abord it, let's begin with what is a self-bot?

A self-bot is basically a bot inside your own account. It uses your token to post messages like you. It reacts to you and you only.
A token is a small piece of encrypted text. It basically is the key all Discord applications will need to connect to the account the app should run on. That’s why both bot accounts and user accounts have tokens.
Since self bots have access to the DiscordAPI (Application Programming Interface, a.k.a. the direct link between code and code being able to work on Discord), they can use functions that normally only bots would be able to use, such as the previously mentioned embeds. They can also bypass any restrictions coded only in the client.
Needless say that
Using selfbots is forbidden, and anyone that use them and are detected can be banned for it.

So to activate, you only need to assign a channel, generally where the users that join will land and fill the verification requirement being said Password, Captcha, or Advanced.

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So first run,

;self-bot [channel]

Then set the action that the bot should take towards this kind of creature by running

;self-bot action [kick/ban/none]

To disable it type

self-bot disable

And that it's all that you need to know to maintain your server safe and sound from any menace.

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