Permissions | Allow & Deny Roles Using Commands

Jul 5, 2021

If you want to allow a role/user to use a command, or want to disable a command for a role/user; this article will help you!


perms, perm, permissions


permission [allow/view/clear/deny] [role/user] [command/category]

You can always look at the template by running ;permission in a channel the bot can see

Usage of ;permission

You can also run ;help permission to see

Usage ;help permission


You can allow a role to use a command with ;permission without giving them discord permissions like ADMINISTRATOR or MANAGE SERVER.

Entire Command Categories

Let's allow @Host to use all giveaway commands. We can run the following: ;permission allow @Host Giveaway Now all members with that role, will be able to use all the commands in the category Giveaway

Allowing @Host to use the Giveaway category

Single Commands

Now, let's only allow @Trainee to use ;purge. So again we can run
;permission allow @Trainee purge. Now all people with that role, can run ;purge

Allowing @Trainee to use the command purge


Denying is the same as allowing, but just changing allow to deny. You can do this to command categories and single commands.

Entire Command Categories

Let's disable the fun category for all @Members. Let's do this by running.
;permission deny @Members fun
Now members cannot run any command in the fun category.

Denying @Members to use the fun category

Single Commands

Let's disable the ;skip command for all @Members. And again, we can run ;permission deny @Members skip. Now all members cannot skip any music playing in a voice channel.

Denying @Members to use the skip command


This refers to clearing some messed up Perms for a role or the server.
;perms clear @Role

Viewing Perms

You can view perms for a Role using a simple command
;perms view @Role

Having Issuing?

Don't worry, if you have any issues, feel free to join our support server, or look at some articles below:

Support Server

And that is how to use the ;permission command(s). Thank you for taking your time in reading this, we hope this helped.

Have a good day!

Phantom Baha

Hello everyone! I am a discortics moderator, feel free to DM me if you need help or anything. My Discord Name: Phantom Baha#0001

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