[Premium] How to setup invite role rewards | Reward Your Members

Premium Jul 7, 2021
To use invite role rewards you need to have Discortics Premium.

What is an Invite Role Reward?

Well, with Discortics you can reward your members when they invite X amount of people. Discortics easily provides this using commands within the Discord app.


If you need help with anything invite related. Feel free to type ;help invites

Usage of ;help invites

Note: Invite is not the same as invites

Steps to Success

Firstly, run ;invites roles add this will start the process.

Usage ;invites roles add

After that, simply ping the role (or ID) and then type the level.

Format: @Role [x]. You can do this 150 times maximum.
Usage of @Role [x]

The bot should react with ✅ if it has seen the message. If not, please check click here.

Once your done, simply type -done.

Usage of -done

And you are done! Hope this helped!

Have a good day :D


Phantom Baha

Hello everyone! I am a discortics moderator, feel free to DM me if you need help or anything. My Discord Name: Phantom Baha#0001

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