Giveaways FAQ

Aug 17, 2021

Here I'll answer any potential questions you may have about the giveaway system!

Can I do invite requirements with this bot?

  • Unfortunately due to Discords Terms of Service bots are not allowed to have invite requirements for giveaways as it encourages platform spam.

Can I do message requirement giveaways with this bot?

  • Yes you can! However do keep in mind the message count is from when the bot first joined the server.

Can I make a server requirement for giveaways?

  • Unfortunately due to Discords Term of Service we do not allow this, as it encourages platform spam.

Can I make role requirements for giveaways?

  • Yes, you can! During the giveaway setup it will ask you if you want to setup any requirements, say yes and once it asks add your required roles!

How accurate are the giveaways?

  • This honestly depends on what you have set but the bot does two checks, one when a person enters, and one when the giveaway ends, that way nobody is left out, and its as accurate as possible!

Can I set a default role blacklist for giveaways?

  • Yes! Presuming your prefix is ;, check out ;gconfig to set blacklisted roles, and even more cool stuff!

Yuno Gasai

A dev that helps anyone in need, where possible.

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