Bot Not Responding | Fix The Issue!

Fix The Issue Jul 5, 2021

If the bot doesn't respond, it is probably because it cannot see the channel (if not, join our support server). To fix this issue, please feel free to read the following article:

Cases when the Bot doesn't respond

  1. Bot doesn't have Sufficient Perms in the Channel.
  2. Bot doesn't have sufficient perms in his role.
  3. Bot is under Maintainance.
  4. Some Shards were Restarting.

Ways To Fix

  • First, go to the channel settings, where the command was ran. Then, go to the Permission settings. Here, you can edit all the permissions for the channel.
Image of permission settings

Next Examine the settings, is the private channel switched on? Well, simply turn It off. Or if you don't want to make it public, simply tap Add members or roles and add @Discortics™. And you are done!

  • Secondly, if that doesn't work, check if your permission settings have @Discortics™ already added. If so, check  if the bot can View channel, Send messages, Embed links, Add reactions and Read messages history. Once thats all checked, it will most likely work. (You may check all settings if you want).
Some Permission Settings
  • If that doesn't work, maybe just give the role @Discortics™ ADMINISTRATOR in the server settings.

To check for the Bot's downtimes, we announce them in the Support Server

Shards are automatically rebooted time to time.

Hope this helped! If not, please feel free to join our support server.

Have a good day!


Phantom Baha

Hello everyone! I am a discortics moderator, feel free to DM me if you need help or anything. My Discord Name: Phantom Baha#0001

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